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RFID in corridors (Attenuated vs Directional Patch Antennas)

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    RFID in corridors (Attenuated vs Directional Patch Antennas)

    I would like to use RFID to isolate sections of two corridors so that a persons position along the corridor can be located based on their presence of their RFID tag at the associated reader (or at least their presence being strongest at the associated reader.

    I an unsure whether the "Attenuated Antennas for Near Field Use" or the "Directional Patch Antenna for RFID" would be the most suitable for this installation.

    The corridor is 2.1 meters wide.

    Also please can you advise if there are any restrictions on the maximum number of these antennas in use (or is this number only restricted by the ReadNet capacity?) also please can you confirm these antennas are compatible with the miracle contoller (any news on a release date for this?)

    Thank you for your time