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  • New Extended Range Antenna

    I would thought that I would post a recomendation (which is rare for me I know) but I have been running with this new antenna for some months now and it makes a perfect external antenna and it has cured all my issues about getting good reception from my external tags.

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    Could this be used indoors to give more coverage? my two readers don't quite do it and I am considering buying another reader but this might be a cheaper option!?


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      I've done some experimentation with different antennas indoors. I also have two readers, and I also don't have full reliable coverage of my 3000 sq. ft. house.

      From experience, I can tell you that small antennas give you good near coverage but poor far coverage (not a surprise) but longer range antennas indoors give you good far coverage but POOR near coverage. So, I can pick up tags on the other side of the house, but I can't pick up tags 10 ft. from a reader.

      I compromised with one long-range antenna and one short-range. Not ideal, but the best solution I have found.


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        That's the comprimise I ended up and it works very for close range and one for long range.


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          sounds like a good plan. i will order this and a replacement keyfob.


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            I always used to get problems with the car tags not being detected and since i fitted this to the outside of the building not a murmur...does exactly what I want and no more dropped tags.

            I can now code events properly based upon when we approaching the house. I still find that the keyfobs have a poor range.