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iautomate price ... too expensive : somebody wants to sell his package ?

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    iautomate price ... too expensive : somebody wants to sell his package ?


    Does someone wants to sell his iautomate package ?

    Because for me it's a little bit expensive.

    Btw : what is the life of the battery of each tags ? and their range ?

    I saw on ebay some rfid package ... compatible with HS2 ( with Blade plugin, and 40 meters range ) but the battery life is 4 months app. I don't want to change battery so much ( just boring ).

    Thanks in advance

    I'm still using mine, so I can't help you on that part, but from a battery life perspective, I've been getting a good solid 2 to 2.5 years, before problems would start creaping in. The range part of your question is a bit trickier. The standard RFID (501) series are pretty reliable up to 50 to 60 feet. Then antenna orientation starts to play a bigger part in the equation. The long range tags, with the little two inch external antenna will take you out to 75 to 100 feet. However, the key fobs are my least favorite ones, since they're prone to antenna orientation and frequent dropouts for some reason. Finally, my dog collar RFID tag for our smallest member of the family works well inside the house, but go outside a few feet and it disappears from the status screen. Also, depending on how the dog is sleeping, can also cause dropouts. I had to turn off the TTS announcements every time it would drop out, because HS would on occasion continue to say that "Sasha had left the house, Sasha has returned." She would look at us like what the heck is going on around here (also a common thought amongst the human family members as well)!

    I hope this helps!

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      Oh thanks a lot for your answer.

      It's good to know this ... ans nice to see all applications running fine.

      ( just the price )


        I am just about to decomission an Iautomate RFID from my setup. Let me know if you are interested. I don't have any working fobs though - I never bothered to replace them as the batteries died....

        ...this has now been sold
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          I just received 2 days ago a 8315 RFID from ebay ...... and it's ok.

          Sorry ... but tks for your proposition.



            I have two of the receivers fir sale if anybody would like them?