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    Update on Beta?

    Would it be possible to get an update on the beta that is posted above?

    I notice that the beta form has been taken down, does this mean beta is in progress or has been postponed due to HS3?

    I would really like to get an update to the software to fix some of the bugs in the system. I have actually had to disable my RFID events for the time being cause they like to drop a tag at 2 am then start turning lights on randomly.

    Please let us know what the current status of the plug is.

    We do not have any open bug reports or support requests.

    Please report any difficulties with the current plugin to
    I think we can help you with reader range, placement and reader timeouts.

    The only known issue is regarding tag timeouts. We now recommend a reader timeout of 32 seconds or more. This is due to the newer FCC tags transmitting at 15s intervals when at rest. If set to 32s, two tag "pings" would have to be missed in order for the tag to be considered "missing". Setting the timeout to 33, 34, 39 seconds has little added value unless the tag should always be in motion at which point the tag is then transmitting at 1.5s. For most uses, the reader timeout value should be set to multiples of 15s.

    We have a .Net Version of the plugin developed for HS2, but we are going to wait until the rewrite is complete for HS3. That is in progress.

    Because the RFID plugin was so full-featured and robust in it's initial deployment, there is very little that is changed between versions of programming languages.

    Thank you.