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Stuck in time - Does anyone have this problem?

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    Stuck in time - Does anyone have this problem?

    The status page for my iAutomate RFID does not display real-time information, but is stuck somewhere in the past. When in the past is also different, depending on which computer I am using to view the status page. For example, on my HomeTroller, the page shows the old location of my reader and a single tag. When I check with my laptop computer, the iAutomate status page shows the new location of my reader and 2 tags. Disabling and restarting HS Pro makes no difference.

    Stuck in time - Does anyone have this problem?

    I've had the same problem from time to time. I think it has something to do with iAutomates use of Java in later versions of Windows. Try clearing the Java memory from the Control Panel.

    In addition, i know from a post by Peter, that they were working on a new dot net version but they never released it, based on a recent visit to their web site.

    I'm still hopeful that they do and that it will be compatible with HS/3 given the investment I've made in the hardware!

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      Solved by Todd!


      Fabulous! That worked. Thank you very much. I, too, was looking forward to their new .Net.

      Best wishes,