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Got it working... tips for those looking for BLID and pwd

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  • Got it working... tips for those looking for BLID and pwd


    Got the plugin working for my roomba today... it's great... i can see lots of possibilities.. .. (reminder to empty bin... notice to find roomba because he is stuck.. etc)

    I had a HECK OF A TIME getting the dorita980 working...

    I eventually set up a debian virtual machine (virtualbox).. and did the following:

    installed node.js and npm on the debian system following the tutorial located here:

    Then installed dorita980 (getpassword.js) from here

    The part i used from this site is:
    HTML Code:
    $ git clone
    $ cd dorita980
    $ npm install
    $ npm run getpassword <robotIP>
    Example Output:
    $ cd dorita980
    $ npm install
    $ npm run getpassword
    > node ./bin/getpassword.js ""
    Make sure your robot is on the Home Base and powered on. Then press and hold the HOME button on your robot until it plays a series of tones (about 2 seconds). Release the button and your robot will flash WIFI light.
    Then press any key...
    { ver: '2',
      hostname: 'Roomba-xxxxxxxxxxxxx',
      robotname: 'Dorita',
      ip: '',
      mac: '12:12:12:12:12:12',
      sw: 'v2.0.0-34',
      sku: 'R98----',
      nc: 0,
      proto: 'mqtt',
      blid: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxx' <---- username/blid
    Password=> :1:1486937829:gktkDoYpWaDxCfGh <= Yes, all this string.
    Use this credentials in dorita980 lib :)
    I had tried doing the above on my Raspberry pi, but since it is only a Model B (First gen), i couldnn't get node.js to install.

    I also had a hard time finding an install for Node.JS that had a decent tutorial/walk through... the one above is exactly what i was looking for.

    I post the info here .. in the hopes that what took me several hours... will take the next person only a 1/2 hour or so..

    Again.. love the plugin so far.. i actually have 2 980's in the house.. and will set the other one up in a few days.. (should only take a few minutes now to get the BLID and password now that i have the VM setup)

    Thanks Blade for doing the plugin... very much appreciated.

    Andrew B.