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A reboot after 7 months

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    A reboot after 7 months

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to document an incident that I had and how iRobot solved it. I've been running an 890 for 7 months straight with this plugin without any issues. About five days ago, I got a Pushover message from HS telling me the 890 was "Returning to Base" and a second message saying "Battery Dead". This was at 12:52AM while the 890 was docked. Didn't think much about it until the 890 ran a couple days later and reported "Battery Dead" after about 10 mins. I picked it up and put it back on the dock and noticed that after one minute the "Clean" LED would go out and it would stop charging. I could still ping the vacuum but I could not control it. Even with debug on, the PI was not getting any messages from the 890.

    I contacted iRobot and they confirmed it was charging (tested the base) and advised me to let it charge overnight and try to run it again. The next day the 890 ran for about 40 mins before stopping. No messages from HS and all LEDs were off when it stopped. I pressed the CLEAN button and the bin full indicator came on. Emptied the bin, replaced it, and press CLEAN to continue the cycle. The vacuum started a new cycle by doing the spiral circles. Again, no messages coming to the PI. None of this was normal.

    After a second call to iRobot, they advised my to "reboot" the 890 by holding the DOCK and SPOT buttons for 10 seconds until I hear a sound. Besides it asking me twice during the next 30 mins to connect it to the app and run setup, the vacuum got an IP address and is talking to HS and the PI again. Again, it went out of setup mode after 30 mins.

    I hope this is useful to someone who runs into similar "strange" behavior.



    This got my Roomba (Ricky) talking to the plugin again - thanks! Ricky is a 980, so a reboot for a 980 is caused by just holding the CLEAN button down for 10 seconds.



      and here I am again to report that the same thing happened this morning which is almost 7 months from the last reboot.