Some screenshots of the Neat plugin. Note that not all devices and/or options are available on all models, and can even be different between firmware versions!

Main devices, that holds the current status, alerts, errors and actions. Also cleaning options can be defined here:
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Based on the capabilities of your robot, a few cleaning options can be set:
- Modifier (not in the above screenshot): The cleaning frequency, Normal or Double. Currently only used for SpotCleaning.
- Mode: Eco (quieter, longer cleaning run) or Turbo (super powered cleaning with maximum pickup)
- NavigationMode: Normal, Extra care (gentle navigation) or Deep. Extra care: Deep: I couldn't find any documentation on Deep, but based on a test, it will take a lot longer to clean. Note that Deep also requires Turbo Mode.
- Selecting "Last", resets the option to what has been used during the last cleaning session.

Settings devices. Some devices have more, others have less or no options to configure. The plugin only shows options compatible with your device:
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Map devices. You can go back 20 maps (if available and supported by your device) and see cleaning properties, statistics, and other info, including the map itself. If you click on the map, it will display the map in a separate window. Maps are also downloaded to the html/NeatoMaps directory for easy access (in HSTouch or other applications).
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Config. Here you allow the plugin access to your Neato account, and it shows all the robots discovered:
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