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Having problems? Follow these steps first.

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    Having problems? Follow these steps first.

    While I certainly aim to have bug-free software, the inevitable glitch in computer programming is almost a certainty given enough users and enough time. And so this plugin comes with a couple of features that will help you help me if you do run into a problem.

    Here's what works best, assuming your situation allows for this:

    1. Turn your file logging to TRACE.

    Note that there are 2 log settings: the HomeSeer Log level and the Plugin Log level. For the purposes of me understanding what's happening, I strongly prefer the Plugin Log (a text file written to your Logs subdirectory under your HS3 installation folder).

    If you can't get to that screen because of a problem with startup or the config page itself, you can always disable the plugin, open the plugin's INI file (in the Config subdirectory) and set the value of LogLevelFile to 6, then start the plugin back up.

    2. Capture the offending behavior.

    Make sure you give the plugin time to get started up and wait for the first update to go through before you try issuing commands - this insures I'll have the necessary data to understand your thermostat's status in the log file.

    3. Turn the log file level back to your preferred setting.

    Turning logging up to TRACE will definitely have an impact on performance, so be sure and turn it back off once you've captured the offending behavior.

    4. Zip up the log file.

    It could be pretty big, depending on how long you had to run it to catch the problem in the act.

    5. Provide a data dump from your device.

    On the primary root device where the problem is occurring, go into the properties and copy the JSON data from the "Tesla Vehicles" tab. There's a good chance this is included in the log file if you followed the instructions above, but better safe than sorry and this also lets me see how HomeSeer is handling the data it receives.

    6. Post your problem.

    Create a new thread in this forum for your problem, and include the following:
    • HS Version
    • Plugin version
    • Description of the problem
    • HS3 Server OS
    • Vehicle Model
    • Log file
    • Data dump
    I'll work with you on the issue, and once resolved, will close the thread. If you have portions of that you would rather not post on the forum (like the log file and data dump), you can send attachments to me via email (steve at skware net) after you've opened the support request thread.

    Thanks in advance for helping me help you!
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