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How many installs?

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  • shill
    I don't. It just hit the updater 2 weeks ago, so most people either don't know about it or are still in their 1 month trial, and the only data I get is sales data - of which there really isn't any yet. Based on PMs and other communication, I know of at just 3 at this point. But there is another plugin someone else is working on (Teslaseer) that has had a lot of discussion, but I wasn't aware of that one when I started, and after I tried it out, I decided to carry on with mine.

    So I think the audience size is decent, it's just taking some time for this particular plugin to get noticed

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  • integlikewhoa
    started a topic How many installs?

    How many installs?

    Curious how many people use HomeSeer with Tesla's. Do you know how many installs of this new plugin so far?