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Charge Time Remaining Off By One Hour

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  • Charge Time Remaining Off By One Hour


    I am currently using the trial of this plugin and it's awesome, thank you for taking the time to create it, I will certainly be purchasing it when time runs out.

    Speaking of time, I noticed that on my HomeSeer dashboard the charge time remaining said "3:50" and when I opened the Tesla app it reported "2 hr 50 min". Just a heads up for a future release. This isn't a showstopper for me as I'm currently not doing anything with the time remaining, but figured you would like to know.

    Edit: I added a snip from the actual response on the parent device. It says 2.58 so it's charged a bit since then, but it's only been about 15 minutes.

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    Thanks for letting me know - I'll look into it!


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      I forgot to reply to this thread, but I did investigate this and I haven't been able to recreate this problem... Are you still seeing it? Is it always wrong or only sometimes? If sometimes, have you noticed a pattern?


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        I have not looked at it since I posted, I haven't found a need for it yet, but I will certainly check it out and report back!