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HomeSeer is open and operational this week. All orders are being processed and shipped as usual. However, some staff are working from home. If you need to contact HomeSeer for support or customer service, please use our Email or Chat options.
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Charge Time Remaining Off By One Hour

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  • Charge Time Remaining Off By One Hour


    I am currently using the trial of this plugin and it's awesome, thank you for taking the time to create it, I will certainly be purchasing it when time runs out.

    Speaking of time, I noticed that on my HomeSeer dashboard the charge time remaining said "3:50" and when I opened the Tesla app it reported "2 hr 50 min". Just a heads up for a future release. This isn't a showstopper for me as I'm currently not doing anything with the time remaining, but figured you would like to know.

    Edit: I added a snip from the actual response on the parent device. It says 2.58 so it's charged a bit since then, but it's only been about 15 minutes.

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    Thanks for letting me know - I'll look into it!


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      I forgot to reply to this thread, but I did investigate this and I haven't been able to recreate this problem... Are you still seeing it? Is it always wrong or only sometimes? If sometimes, have you noticed a pattern?


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        I have not looked at it since I posted, I haven't found a need for it yet, but I will certainly check it out and report back!