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How are you using the plugin?

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  • How are you using the plugin?

    I'd love to hear how you're using this plugin - it might give me some ideas for how to build in more functionality in the future!

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    I got my car in November, so my primary reason for creating the plugin was to turn on the climate system before I leave for work in the morning when it was cold outside. I turn it on 5 minutes before my typical departure time (if it's a weekday, I'm "Home", the car is "Home", and my virtual "Work Day" device is turned on), and if it's been running for 15 minutes and I haven't left the house yet, it turns off automatically to prevent too much unnecessary battery drain.

    That quickly grew to include similar logic around leaving work once it got warm out!

    And just last night I was at my daughter's last band concert and was recording all the songs, which drained my battery to the point it ultimately died before it was time to leave. So I used her phone to login to HomeSeer, unlocked the car, opened the trunk for her, and used "Remote Start" to let me drive home even with a dead phone


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      The most useful functionality I have set up is for HS to warn me if I need to plug the car in to be charged. I set up an event to change a virtual device if the car is located at home, with the charging port closed and with a range of less than 120 miles. When the virtual device indicates an active “needs charging” status, I blink the top 2 LEDs on all my wall switches until the car is plugged in.