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READ ME: 1.3.0 Changes (404 Fix)

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    READ ME: 1.3.0 Changes (404 Fix)

    It turns out the "Id" field I was using isn't a static value... from time to time, Tesla changes this for some reason, which will result in errors in your logs with a "404 (Not Found)" message.

    I have fixed this in version 1.3.0, which uses a different value that I've not seen ever change (my other id has changed twice in the last month after not changing at all for the previous 9 months). Unfortunately, this old ID field was used as a key in your events if you used the "Navigate" or "Schedule Update" actions. Any events using those actions will need to be manually updated, because there are no APIs in HS to alter events.

    If you have experienced the 404 problem previously, your HSPI_SKWARE_TESLA_VEHICLES.INI file (in your HS3\Config folder) may have unnecessary or missing settings for your vehicle(s). Under normal circumstances the plugin will migrate this section to the new ID, but if you've manually changed the vehicle ID or added the car a 2nd time, it might be out of sync. To check/fix this:
    • Look on the Plug-in's Confg page, where the list of vehicles is and examine the "Vehicle ID" value (this can also be found on the Tesla tab of the root device).
    • In your INI file, there should be a section header of "[<some long number>_Options]". The number here should match what's shown on as the "Vehicle ID" value (assuming you're already running 1.3.0). If that's how yours is, you can stop here.
    • If you're successfully using 1.3.0 but you have the wrong value in the INI file (and do NOT have the correct section also in there) you can just update the section header by replacing the number- but you'll need to stop the plugin first and start it again after you've saved your changes.
    • If you're successfully using 1.3.0 and see the correct section in there in addition to some old ones with even longer numbers than your vehicle ID, you can remove those old ones or just leave them, as they won't hurt anything.
    Apologies for the confusion, and happy to help anyone work through this if they have questions! For the majority of you the plugin will just gracefully migrate your vehicle settings or a quick set of updates to adjust your vehicle settings again will get it back in line without needing any of that.

    I've submitted 1.3.1 which fixes some other lingering issues. Should be in the updater tomorrow.