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URGENT: Apply Update before changing your password!

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    URGENT: Apply Update before changing your password!

    I just got v10 on my Tesla, and in the process, once again had the error in the mobile app stating my vehicle had been removed and had to log in again. During the process, their servers were down, but the login in the app provided an incorrect error message saying my email/password was bad. So I changed my password, which resulted in my token for the plugin being invalidated, which resulted in triggering some logic in the plugin that ended up deleting my Vehicle devices That was an unintended situation, of course, so I've just uploaded version, but since it's the weekend, HST probably won't have it in the updater until Monday.

    You can either copy the EXE in the attached ZIP file to your HS3 directory (make sure you stop the current plugin first), or turn the plugin off until Monday if you want to make sure this doesn't happen to you. It will only happen if you have an authentication failure as far as I know, though, unless it was also triggered by the incorrect authentication error I saw in the app (I wasn't home so I couldn't tell exactly how the two events were related).

    Apologies for this; hopefully it doesn't affect anyone else, though!

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    good catch Steve. I am glad I checked in the forum just to make sure before I changed my credentials. It happened about 13 hrs ago in my log and this site confirmed :

    All is well with upgrade, thanks


      I have not got V10 in the car (no FSD for me) but I did get the app update and I did have the app vehicle error and I updated my password.

      I have noticed my plugin now throws this error in the log.

      "Failed to get the URL for Vehicle 945047852"

      Is this related?


        The app vehicle error means almost certainly the "id" changed (which is part of the URL). That error message means that when I checked the list of your vehicles, I didn't find the "id" (URL) for that "vehicle_id" (945047852). That's probably because of a bug in the plugin related to handling these dynamic changes.

        Have you tried stopping/starting the plugin? It gets a list of vehicles at startup or if you get a 404 error, but it looks like you are in a slightly different scenario where it needs a new list but you're not getting the 404. I'll update it to retry getting the list if the error you referenced happens, but in the short term a restart will likely fix it. Do me a favor, though, and set your log to TRACE before you restart in case anything goes haywire...

        I'm in the middle of adding all the new v10 goodness (window status, vent/close windows, trigger homelink, software download/install percent complete, send media) so it might be a few days before I'm ready to roll out the next version.


          I have manually installed your posted above and I have since got the V10 update on the car now also. Everything seems to be working fine without log errors at the moment. So we good. Can't wait for the V10 goodies to also hit HS3.