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    I guess I'm too excited about this plugin and the Tesla coming in next week. I read the documentation and I did not see it as part of the plugin but I may be wrong. Is there a way to figure out how much it cost every time I charge the car? I know the KWH price is different for everyone, maybe this could be a custom field? What I'm trying to accomplish is figure out how much it costed me to charge the car that day, kind of like a gas station :-)

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    This seems like something you could do with a couple of virtual devices (one to simplify charging started/stopped since there are multiple conditions that could cause a stop), and another one where you grab the value of the "Energy Added by Last Charge" device and multiply it by your energy rate then add the result to the virtual device, then reset that virtual device every night at midnight. You could do the same with other virtual devices for week, month, and year, too.

    <shameless plug> Or you could use my Device History plugin to record all changes to that device then use that data (via GetRangeStats) and multiply the average * number of records to get the sum over the time period you requested and then store that somewhere, too. Or do both and now you're charting how much you've spent per day over time... </plug>


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      Hi Shill, can you please take a look at these events and devices and let me know if I'm on the right track?

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        Teslafi has and stores alot of data, including what your asking for. it free for a few weeks to test. I think it cool to have it in this plugin for anyone that doesn't want to pay 50.00 a year and with Jon00 charting plugin for HomeSeer you can probley mimic the same thing in graphing and storage. Not sure its really worth it though.