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Vehicles won't sleep, causing lots of drain.

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    Originally posted by alphatech View Post
    Thank you, I guess, what I fail to understand is If I do not have the option "Wake to Update" how would it update?
    It doesn't.

    You have to choose: do you want to spend battery to keep all your devices up-to-date, or do you want to save battery and only update your devices when the car is otherwise awake?

    Generally speaking, it works like this:
    • In order for me to check if the car is awake, I ask Tesla's servers (without talking to your car) for the status of your vehicle.
      • If it's asleep, I stop there.
      • If it's awake, I check to see if I'm supposed to be waiting for it to sleep depending on your settings and what the car is doing (driving, charging, etc.).
        • If I'm supposed to be waiting for it to sleep, I stop there. This means I may be missing out on changes, but that's the cost of "waiting for sleep".
          • Unless it's been too long since I started waiting, then I check the status from Tesla's servers again just in case it's changed to driving or charging and I shouldn't be ignoring it anymore. This is to prevent a short errand from preventing me from starting to talk to the car again.
            • Then I talk to the car and update the devices.
        • If I'm not supposed to be waiting for it to sleep, I talk to the car and update the devices.
    What's really needed is for the "state" of the car that Tesla's servers report to us to reflect the time when it's parked/quiet (but still technically "awake") differently than when it's actively doing something (and therefore awake).


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      Yep, the other thing that would be nice is if the API can still return all the parameters last known without waking up the vehicle and a new field indicating if the vehicle is sleeping or awake on the results returned. In this case you always have the absolute status of the car with no guesswork and without waking. Of course the API call would also then have a new option called something like wake to update vs. Don't wake.


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        Thanks for the explanation. A positive criticism if I may, although I'm it is in the manual, in my option it is a little confusing if you select wake the car with a time and having 300 seconds without selecting. Maybe having two options, one with Awake a car with how many seconds to wake and the other how many seconds to check with the servers.
        Going back to check for new values, do you have an event that checks every hour for new values? Would it get the car to sleep or it is too short? I store those values in the database for graph purposes. I know there is a compromise between vampire and collecting the data, I'm looking at the ideal number here.

        Thanks both for your fantastic help.


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          As I said earlier, the default settings are there because I believe it is the best compromise (though I may need to increase the time to wait for sleep a little).

          I let the plug-in poll the car automatically every 2 minutes, I do not wake it to update, and I give it 30 minutes to sleep. If in that 2 minute window the car becomes inactive, I'm fine with a gap of 30 minutes until it goes to sleep it I realize it's active again.

          Honestly I'd be just as happy to keep it awake all the time since I plug it in at work anyway, but I haven't done that so far. A few miles of range everyday mean nothing, really.

          I don't understand what you mean by "wake the car with a time", though. I think you may still be misunderstanding those settings.


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            Two sleep times are really all that is required. The poll time is checking each vehicle, awake or not. Based on the two checkboxes determines what to do during that cycle. Wake to update means aways get the current status (possibly waking up the car), then the other will keep getting status during the poll interval if the car had a last known state of charging or driving. The other "check, waiting to sleep interval" is just a catch-all "safety check" in a way. It's checking if the car was waiting to sleep, it never slept, and that time is up it will poll the car again to see what changed, maybe it started driving again.

            The events in homeseer are no different than any other event. You just need to trigger on device value changes or per a time interval, or whatever your looking to achieve. As long as you don't ask for an update / wake as an action the event checks / conditions have no impact on wake status.


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              And the only reason you'd want to use an event to update the car is if you want to force it awake, but only on YOUR schedule. Otherwise the plug-in handles all the updates automatically.