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    Feature requests

    Please add your feature requests here.

    I will update this post with the current status and expected availability of the requests in future versions.


    Rien du Pre
    The Netherlands
    Homeseer PRO latest HS4 BETA on a Raspberry
    RFXCOM, mcsMQTT, Z-Wave

    I would like to make a request to separate out the string data.

    I'm using the Imperihome App on Andriod to display the data and interface with Homeseer.

    But all the string data is grouped into one and I would like to have more control of whats displayed and such. Is this possible?

    Status: On homebase: Trickle Charging
    Model: 600
    Battery charge: 88 %
    Total cleaning distance: 299.30 KM
    Total cleaning time: 277 hours 8 minutes
    Last cleaning took: 0 hours 0 minutes

    Is to much info for a phone App. If it can't all be separate maybe just split it in half

    Status: On homebase: Trickle Charging
    Battery charge: 88 %
    Last cleaning took: 0 hours 0 minutes

    Would be great!


      Hi Rien,

      I just installed the Thinking Cleaner Module for my Roomba 790 yesterday. Thanks for providing a Plug-In for the basic functionality.

      I too am looking to see if the information could be parsed out into Devices so we can make events based off of status for the following:

      1) Battery Charge Value
      2) Cleaner State (All Cleaner States in the API) - Would be fun to do a event example for IF Roomba = Picked Up, THEN Say, "Put Me Down!!!!"
      3) Add the following Command Devices via the API:
      A) Delayed Clean
      B) Delayed Clean Time Setting (Value 30-240)
      C) Maxclean
      4) Bin Status (Assume this indicates if the trash bin is full)

      Thanks for the consideration!



        I just ordered one of the thinking cleaner devices and I'm looking forward to getting this installed. We definitely need to find a way to get the info into devices. Perhaps a script could be written if the plugin author isn't available to do it.