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AK Remootio *Warning* on deletion of unrelated devices

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    AK Remootio *Warning* on deletion of unrelated devices

    Heya AK,

    A super minor thing that I've noticed: whenever any device is deleted from within HS, even when the device is not-at-all associated with the Remootio plugin, the plugin spits out a warning to the HS log about the deletion. The first time I saw this, it concerned me because I thought that I had deleted a device that Remootio was somehow in need of, but I later discovered that it does this for any deleted device.

    You can replicate this by adding a new device to HS, and then immediately deleting it... you'll see this in the log:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	zztemp_remootio_log.png
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    I suppose the logging of deletes of non-Remootio related devices might be useful to someone (especially since HS3 isn't all that good about putting device delete information in the logs)... but since this is a log entry of something outside of the purview of the plugin, perhaps instead of being an orange-colored "warning" it should instead be a differently colored "notification" so-as not to be confused with orange-colored HS3 system warnings, which are typically something one NEEDS to pay attention to.

    That was an issue in my HS3 plugins, it's fixed in HS4 versions.
    When I have more time, I plan to port AKRemootio to HS4.