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Alarm Panel to HS3Touch

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    Alarm Panel to HS3Touch

    I'm New to the HS3Touch and the security plug-in, Can anyone tell me how I can get the Alarm Panel in to the HS3Touch designer. I need to deploy it into my device so my brother can Disarm it when he comes over to take care of things when I'm out of town.

    Thanks, Mike

    Adding BLSecurity Alarm Panel in HSTouch Designer on HS3 Pro

    On the screen you want the Security Panel / Keypad:

    1. Drag a text element onto the screen.
    2. Set the Element properties as follows:
    a: ImageURLNormal:
    b: Text:
    (Where = IP Address of your HS3 Server)
    (Where yy = http port your HS3 Server is using if other than the default port of 80)
    c: Width: 576
    d: Height: 453
    e: ZOrder: Front
    3. Drag the panel to where you want it on your HSTouch screen.

    Note: If you don't set the width and height to something at least the size of the panel screen, it will show as a red x in HSTouch Designer and appear to not be working.


      Ipad Not showing URL address

      I can get the alarm panel to work as described in the WIN client but not deployed to the Ipad. Could I be missing something?