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    Simple Q with a simple A!

    I'm trialing BLSec and getting on very well, it's a great plugin.

    However I have a simple question which I'm sure has a simple answer. When a device triggers the alarm I get a note in the log (and any events set to trigger work as expected)m, however the panel never shows any information around the device that has triggered the alarm.

    When I look into the log I can see that the alert status is immediately reset back to normal:

    Mar-27 11:11:12 BLSecurity Info Security alert status has been reset to Normal.
    Mar-27 11:11:11 BLSecurity Warning Device: Q225 (Porch Garage Door) has triggered an alert!

    Is this why nothing is showing on the panel?

    Any advice how I can tweak so I can see which device triggered alert?