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  • metkhoo
    The alarm panel is an HTML page with some JavaScript functions . It is fully customisable with the HS3 version. You can create whatever presentation you want.
    I created a alarm panel “framework” that even juggles the keys after a programmable interval.

    You can try out my code if you want . It is on GitHub

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  • robw
    started a topic Control Panel Designs

    Control Panel Designs


    I was wondering if it would be possible to add some additional configurations of the control panel webpage that can be used in different scenarios?

    A simple one would be for the page to have a black background, this would work great for displaying it on tablets.

    A second option would be to have some variations in the size of the actual control panel, again to allow it to display better and clearer on larger tablets.

    Lastly could you centre the panel in the page, this would help in formatting.

    These additions would be extremely useful as I am trying to display the control panel on a Nexus 7 and the panel
    is a little small to use easily.

    My aim is to display the control panel inside a custom App full screen that will be pinned so that it cannot be closed. I have this working now but it would look a lot better with a black background and if it was slightly larger and centred.

    Hope this can be implemented in future releases.