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Enhancement request; user messages within the panel

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    Enhancement request; user messages within the panel

    Enhancement Request:
    Could you change the position of the Red user warning message so that it displays in the panel

    For example, just clicking the "ARM" button will display a message:

    "User has entered an invalid arming code!"

    But the message appears outside the panel. It would be great to see the message within the panel as there seems to be quite a bit of space between the text "Monitoring Mode" and the "Disarm Code:"

    Ideally if the user has not even entered any code then the message should read:
    "Enter a code before arming the panel"
    rather than
    "User has entered an invalid arming code!"


    The latest version of BLSecurity allows the full customisation of the panel with security event changes being updated in a javascript file. This means that all messages can be placed wherever you want them. I have created my own panel now and added:
    1. Visual timer that counts down before the next refresh (that works in HSTouch)
    2. Keypad that juggles the numbers around
    3. Increased the sizes of all the buttons
    4. Moved the status messages around
    5. Moved all the Javascript "CODE" out of the HTML page
    6. Use different images after the user "presses" the key - providing visual feedback that the key is acknowledged.
    7. Terminate the refresh timer if you start entering a code
    This specific topic is therefore "SOLVED"

    Thanks Blade