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Understanding the Countdown timer : SOLVED

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    Understanding the Countdown timer : SOLVED

    I thought that the countdown time would somehow display on the alarm panel.

    That is not the purpose.

    I have discovered that the purpose is to show the countdown in the context of a HomeSeer device.

    To get this working do the following:

    1. Create a HomeSeer device
    Give it a name
    Give it a Floor (e.g. Security) and Room (e.g. Panel)
    Give it a Code, which is given via two drop downs (e.g. A and 101)

    Go to Status Graphics tab and remove the 255 value
    Change the "0" value row on the right so that it is only a "Status" device
    Change the Status Graphic for 0 to something like "HomeSeer/contemporay/timers.jpg"

    2. Edit "Options" in BLSecurity
    Open BLSecurity
    Click on the "Options" button
    Scroll down to "Countdown timer device code"
    In the text box enter the combination of the code you created in step 1 (e.g. A101)
    Scroll down to the bottom and click "Save"

    How it works
    Now when you "Arm" the panel you can see this HomeSeer device count down the seconds from the HomeSeer interface.
    If you have HS Touch, you can use this device to display the countdown.