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  • heatvent
    FYI to all, this is a great plugin. BLSecurity allows you to create a fully functional "virtual" security system using HS as the alarm panel and any combination of the various motion and door sensors that can be used with HS! Some of the features I would expand on are:

    Use any device compatible with HS to trigger alerts. For example, I have X10 security motion and door sensors through the ACRF2 plugin and Insteon motion sensors through the ISY plugin. I can add all of these to BLSecurity to be used to trigger a security alert. As noted above, I can also select whether they trigger in armed, perimiter or sleep modes of the BLSecurity plugin. This allows me to have the door sensors arm in perimeter mode, all door and only certain motion sensors not near sleeping areas in sleep mode and all devices arm in away mode.

    Compatible with X10 security remotes. BLSecurity allows you to use either the security keyfob or the security palmpad to arm/disarm BLSecurity.

    Remote reset if the alarm is triggered. BLSecurity can call you when the alarm is triggered. Upon answering, BLSecurity will tell you which device triggered the alarm and give you the option to reset the status remotely.

    Very customizable. There are tons of options not listed above. Too much to go into here.

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  • Blade
    started a topic Description


    The BLSecurity Plug-in for HomeSeer allows the user to use security devices and motion sensors for security purposes. This plugin is written in VB .Net 2.0 and requires Homeseer Version 2.1.0 or later.
    • Allows configuration of motion sensors and security devices (DS10A)
    • User can import all motion sensors from BLRadar (if installed and enabled)
    • Security modes are: ARMED, PERIMETER, SLEEP, DISARMED
    • User can specify which devices will be active in Perimeter mode
    • Users can exclude devices from Armed mode
    • Users can exclude devices from Sleep mode
    • User can add zones and assign devices
    • User can specify how many devices in a zone need to alert before the zone will alert the system
    • Multiple users can be assigned to the plug-in, each having a different alarm panel code
    • An Alarm Panel interface web page allows easy operation from touchscreens or your browser.
    • All security activity is logged to the database. Security activity report can be run to show all activity
    • User can specify a wave file to be played when an alert is triggered in Armed, Perimeter or Sleep mode
    • User can send emails to multiple recipients when an alert is triggered in Armed, Perimeter or Sleep mode
    • User can specify various lights to be turned ON when an alert is triggered in Armed, Perimeter or Sleep mode
    • User can specify a list of phone numbers that will be called when an alert is triggered in Armed, Perimeter or Sleep mode
    • User can assign a security remote to the plug-in and have it control the security modes.
    • Scripting calls are accessible in the plug-in. See the help page in the plug-in for details.