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    Panic Buttons Plus+


    We have a couple Ademco (5800 Compatible) wireless panic pendant/belt clip style devices and they work; as long as you have them with you.

    I'm looking for a second method to allow me to configure all the zwave light switches in the house to trigger the panic alarm. If this is possible, with something like your plug-in, you wouldn't have to run to a control panel, dresser, end table...

    I have Mark's Vista plug-in and Sean's AD2USB to allow HS to interface with our Ademco Vista 20P alarm system. However, I haven't been able to find an easy method to perform an association with say, a triple tap on any of my zwave switches.

    Next step in my thought process would be to look for a tripple tap 'on' to be panic and a tripple tap 'off' to be duress. In the case were I have 2-3 zwave switchs (2-3 gang box), a second switch could be used for a tripple tap for medical. In my case, I think 100% of the bedrooms and 90% of all the other rooms have 3 wall switchs in each.

    Also looking for a plug-in that can easily handle the start/stop of: 1.) flashing lights during status such as a burglar alarm. 2.) flashing of some lights (bedrooms/family/living/dining/outside) and others (stairs/hallways/foyer) on steady with a status such as fire alarm

    Does you plug-in allow for this? If not, any plans to include such features? If not, any suggestions?

    - Chad