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Wireless Sensors & Cameras... Any Low Cost Recommendations?

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    Wireless Sensors & Cameras... Any Low Cost Recommendations?

    Wireless Sensors and Cameras... Any Low Cost Recommendations?

    Window & Door, Motion, etc...

    I have some windows that would require two of the existing style sensors and at $30 plus, that's $60 plus for just one window... sliders on both sides of most of my windows...

    Then there's pet friendly motion sensors...

    Looking for wireless Z-wave, Insteon... X10 I hear is going out of business...

    Trying to wrap my arms around Homeseer and am thinking the Blade solutions will meet my needs, but I need sensors and for a new install I was hoping to locate a source at a reasonable cost.

    Also looking for a totally wireless camera solution. Both power and data. Found one, but it's a dedicated standalone solution from VueZone.

    Hoping someone out there has had a successful hunt...


    Here's my take

    Seperate the two. I use Foscam (cheap) cameras with software called I-catcher. It's from a British firm and is excellent. While I'd like to be able to afford their major version, the Sentry version does good enough for me and is <$85.

    For security sensors for doors/windows, use if you still can and pile up on DS10A sensors. Search the rest of the forums for x10 sale links; you can get these for <$4 a piece sometimes, and they work well for me. You'd need to have an RFXCOM interface for them, but the dual models receive them as well as many other devices like temp sensors, so for <$100 and the money you'll save on security sensors, you'd do well with one.


      Rumors of X10 going out of business have been around for years. Methinks they start these themselves.
      You can often find the motion sensors and door sensors in quantity on Ebay for very good prices. Even if does go away, the equipment will still work in HS; so do stock up. I have what I expect to be a lifetime supply of both here (as well as Palmpads and incandescent light bulbs). If I do move on, either to something else or "somewhere" else before the supply runs out, it's no great loss nor expense.
      Real courage is not securing your Wi-Fi network.


        I totally agree with the X10 sensors, great cheap and useful sensors, of course you get what you pay for, most of the time they work for me, occasionally I get a missed signal not being sent / recieved but for the most part they just work, love the variety as well between panic buttons, door sensors, break sensors, motion sensors and so on.

        Also can't beat foscam for cheap pan tilt cameras.
        HS3 PRO, Win10, WeatherXML, HSTouch, Pushover, UltraGCIR, Heaps of Jon00 Plugins, Just sold and about to move so very slim system.

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          Z-wave &amp; Insteon Sensors with BLSecurity Plugin??

          Sorry for taking so long to get back on topic.

          For his plugin I guess the big question is does it see all then devices that are on Homeseer and are we able to use them as part of the security system or is it only X10 devices???

          I'm not a big fan of the BIG X10 Tx/Rx modules that go with their sensors. I'd much rather use smaller Z-wave or Insteon sensors. But will the plugin see them??

          My last attempt to get the plugin to see my Insteon motion sensors failed. I'll have to try again....

          What I was looking at was some of the 2gig sensors, not their control panel. I was homing to use either all Z-wave or possibly a mix of Z-wave and Insteon door and window sensors as well as motion with the BLSecurity plugin. Has anyone been able to do this???