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Smarthome 2420M Insteon Motion Sensor

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    Smarthome 2420M Insteon Motion Sensor

    How do I, or can I, use this sensor with this Plugin??

    "Skylink Wireless INSTEON Motion / Occupancy Sensor - 2420M"

    I purchased a number of these and purchased the BLSecurity plugin and was assuming that all sensor / devices registered / setup with Homeseer was fair game for use as part of a BLSecurity System.

    I cannot seem to find a way o use this motion sensor with the plug in. The sensor is setup with HS...

    HELP would like to get past this hurdle ASAP.

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    Hardware & Software
    HomeSeer HSPRO -
    Insteon - HSPI_Insteon.dll -
    BLSecurity - hspi_BLSecurity.dll -
    Smarthome 2413U - PowerLinc Modem - INSTEON USB Interface (Dual-Band)
    Skylink Wireless INSTEON Motion / Occupancy Sensor - 2420M
    X10 Lamp Module

    Main Insteon Configuration Page
    Insteon Hops Allowed = 1 Hop Maxiumum
    Number of retries on communication failure = 5 Retries
    No Response Timeout for devices = 1 Second
    Logging Level = Normal Log Entries
    Sort Device Links = By Type
    YES - Perform group clean-ups when transmitting group commands
    NO - Disable automatic polling
    NO - Use HS Location 2 information

    You have 1 internal Insteon device(s) registered in the system, 0 external device(s), and 0 group(s). These devices and groups currently consume 1 link database entries in your interface. You have 254 unused outbound link addresses out of 254 total available. There are no unregistered Insteon addresses in the network.

    Manage Devices
    Device = Upstairs Hall Motion Sensor 2420M
    Address = 14.96.FD
    Type = Motion Sensor
    Firmware = 34
    Poll Inv. = 0
    Protocol = i2
    Comm Reliability % = (Not enough data)
    1 Hop = 27
    2 Hops = 1
    3 Hops = 0
    Msg Quality = Excellent

    BLSecurity - Maintain Devices Page
    Device Name = BLSecurity Last Alert Device
    Type = Motion Sensor
    Code = _3
    Perimeter = No
    Exclude Arm Mode = No
    Exclude Sleep Mode = Yes
    Alert Delay =
    Disabled = No

    Zone Name = Upstairs Motion
    Trigger Alert # = 1
    Assigned Devices = BLSecurity Last Alert Device

    Alert Options
    Event to execute for ARMED alert
    Event: Turn on Living Room Lamp


      OK, I'm starting to think I should ask for a refund.

      Do these sensors work with this plugin or which ones do??

      Was hoping that any Homeseer registered sensor would be available to the plugin. Also purchased a couple of Insteon Door Sensors and will try these today.

      What motion sensors have you folks used out there with your systems???



        It;'s been some time now...

        So are these Motion Sensors compatible?

        What can I use?

        I'll keep readings and searching....


          I know people are using the X10 sensors, RXCom sensors and Insteon sensors.
          You may have to use the value change options for the sensors. Some sensors are triggered on value changes.
          I do not use BLSecurity here but hopefully some others who are using it with different sensors can respond. If it was not working for them I would have heard about it.
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            OK Its Working... But what settings should I use?

            I think its working now. I may have misunderstood the adding of these. But it looks like I have been able to add the one I have on our Front Porch.

            For the 2420M's I'm assuming I need to turn on the "Value Triggered Device Options" and set the On value to 2 and the Off value to 3 as that seems to be what is reported by the Homeseer log for these units.

            1/21/2013 4:27:07 PM - Insteon - Received [1 (Front Porch Porch Motion - Occupancy Sensor) Go ON
            1/21/2013 4:27:07 PM - Insteon - Setting status and value for device [1. Old status:3 Old Value:0, New Status:2 New Value:100

            1/21/2013 4:28:07 PM - Insteon - Received [1 (Front Porch Porch Motion - Occupancy Sensor) Go OFF
            1/21/2013 4:28:07 PM - Insteon - Setting status and value for device [1. Old status:2 Old Value:100, New Status:3 New Value:0

            Note the "New Status:" value changes... Go ON New Status:2, Go OFF New Status:3

            Am I interpreting the the need to use the "Value Triggered Device Options" and I'm setting these correctly for the 2420M's???