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    Sensor check

    I am interested to buy this plugin,
    I do have a few questions as i could not find out if this was possible.

    I noticed in a screenshot that the alarm could check if the sensors are in alert status.

    My question was since it says only for DS10 sensors, is there a possibility to make this option possible for different sensors as well ?
    I use Klik aan klik uit door/window sensors that arent the best but i have them already.
    Those work with a RFXcom TRX, and a value has to be set for on or off.
    ( also want to connect a Arduino for wired inputs with old sensors and glassbreaker sensors)

    I guess this would be not so difficult to make a option when the ARM mode is press on the alarm it would check if the sensors in a certain zone are all on the right value lets say 0 for close 100 for open.
    And if a sensor is checked and it reads a window sensor value on 100 that it says Sensor Kitchen window is open
    And maybe an option that you can't arm the system if a sensor value is open.

    Im asking this as we have had this with the old alarm system and someone broke into the house becuse the window was slightly tilted, since we have not motion detectors because of the animals the alarm was not tripped because the sensor did not read anything.

    I know a alarm system is not fully secure but this would be a nice option i guess for many people here.

    So i hope my question / story is not to messy , since my native language isn't english either

    Well i can have overlooked this function so please dont kick me arround right away


    I will have to check but I think in BLSecurity you can specify if the sensor is value triggered and then specify the on and off values for the sensor. This should allow the plugin to know if the sensor is on or off.

    I will have to check later but I think it is there
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      Hi Blade,

      thanks for your response.
      Well i guess i have not seen it correct then.
      I did found out to set the value so it detected the sensors but i could not get it to block the arm function if a sensor was still open or not connected.

      it also did not warned me that a sensor was not on the right position.
      Will have another look again.


        Make sure you install 2.0.8 in the updater and try it again
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          I am running the demo version of your script and hs3, dont know if that could have something to do with it.

          i made 2 movies whats going on.

          that is movie 1 , video of my screen and editted a video that i opened the sensors.

          Then i thought a little bit later, lets see if the sensor stays on in the status screen.
          See on this video what happens then arming the system.
          the alarm turns the status of the sensor to off but it is still on.


            Trial version should not cause any issues. Will run as full version.

            Can you log a help desk ticket on my site and I need you to capture a debug log of the issue.

            Go to the options page in the plugin and enable debug logging, then capture the issue, then go back to the options page and disable debug logging.

            Then attach the BLSecurity-Detailed.log file in your HS root folder to the ticket ZIPPED
            Also update the ticket with exactly the steps you did in the log to cause the issue and what you are not seeing happen.
            I can then try and track it down
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