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    Panel shrink

    Hello Blade !

    I am using the BLSecurity plugin at home and we are using small sturdy android tablets around the house. These ones are 7'' 480x800 but the alarm panel wont fit on it, is there anyway to work on the HTML tables to shrink the elements ?

    I am using HSTOUCH and customized a template for these mobile units, I'd like to have the alarm Panel exactly like the generic 530 width version but in 480 width max.

    Otherwise, I'll have to use devices and recreate the good looking template of the panel. Long process if a width value can be adjusted, good for later too

    Thx !

    Panel scale down - zoom out

    UP !

    Did anyone get to that limitation yet in android ?
    It automatically scales up ok in windows but android client on tablet displays 1/2 of the panel. I tried playing with the android browser zoom options but the browser loading the embedded blsecurity panel in hstouch doesn't seem to be affected by the default android browser settings.

    I need to resize panel in any way !
    Any hint on how to get it to scale down in android ?

    Thx !