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Cant get to Alarm - BLRF -> BLRadar -> BLSecurity

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    Cant get to Alarm - BLRF -> BLRadar -> BLSecurity

    Hi ALL

    I've got a CMS18 X10 movement sensor on A1. I've defined it in BLRadar as virtual A8 as a motion sensor.

    With this configuration I see the X10 received messages from A1 in the log ie: on/off. Since BLRadar is installed, the A1 device isnt updated anymore and the echo/noecho is now shown properly in BLRadar.

    I'm trying to trigger a device in ARM mode, I've tried setting up the device in BLSecurity with either the physical A1 device and the Virtual A8 device.

    I cant get the sensor to trigger BLSecurity.

    Am I supposed to use the A1 physical device or A8 virtual device and also do I need to set the "value triggered device" and what are those values :-)

    Understanding this would help me elsewhere !

    Many Thanks..Pete

    Is BLRF seeing the sensor?
    If you set up value triggered in BLSecurity you will need to specify the ON and OFF value
    If HS3 is triggering a value change on it then the plugin will get the callback
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