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Armed and Disarmed by User with report to email

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    Armed and Disarmed by User with report to email

    Hi is it possible to have the Plug-in send an email every time the alarm change state and by which user ?

    I'm not an expert but I've been playing with this and been reading all the old threads.
    These are the BLSecurity Triggers

    1. Security Mode Changed to ARMED
    2. Security Mode Changed to PERIMETER
    3. Security Mode Changed to SLEEP
    4. Security Mode Changed to DISARMED
    5. Alert Status Reset
    6. Security Alert Triggered
    7. Security Device in Alert When Arming
    8. Security Device in Communication Error When Arming

    So when the alarm changes state you can be notified if you set up events for each of the states. ie if Changed to ARMED then email

    I don't see an option the plugin to report the user that changed the state. Perhaps if a user had a virtual device assigned to it? That would have to be a new feature I believe.
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