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    Great. Let me know your progress and any questions you may have.

    Part of the giveback for everyones hard work getting this far. The Concord plugin works great.



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      Hey Matt,

      I received and installed the Automation Module last night. I did not have a DB9 handy until today so I plan on powering up the panel in hopes to move forward. So what do you suggest I do to test this out? Download the software and use the 30 day trial? I'll start looking at the install instructions and whats needed. I'll be using that windows system for now to determine if my panel is compatible with the AM and Homeseer I suppose. If this all works, I'd like to move to the pi or my CentoOS server.




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        So yes I would start by a trial of HS and then loading the concord plugin. The AM should auto learned when you power on panel but beep because it looks for signal ack. Thats where HS and the plugin come in.

        Let me know if you have any config issues or install issues.



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          I believe we have progress. Fumbling my way through this. I guess I need to figure out what the zone setup is.
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            Ok, well that was non-eventful.... In a good way

            I believe this is fully working now?! One last thing to fix is the system phone trouble beeping. The wife will not let me keep the system up longer than an hour as it beeps in our room... Any quick suggestions?
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              OK. You are well on your way. It looks like your Concord was compatible, so $$ well spent.

              You'll need to check out the one "Troubled" sensor or that may have been an actual?

              The "system phone trouble" beeping? I would need more information on that to be able to help? Is this the Concord beeping due to a phone connection?

              I believe there might be a setting in the Alarm docs that can turn that on or off but I haven't turned mine off and have it connected through a land line with seizure. Is your connected? I guess I need more info.

              Now with the Concord plugin, you can turn on/off debugging which may help in instances where you need to see whats going on.



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                So the one trouble I believe is due to a low battery on the window wireless sensor. I already have a few coming from Amazon, that that should be an easy fix.

                As for the LAN line alert, its because I do not have an active LAN line installed at the house, nor do I plan on having one. I've read through the manual and other post online and have turned all the phone options off under Phone options "General" and "CS1", but its still reporting line trouble. Nothing was set under the "CS2" options. I'm not sure if it looks for dial tone or voltage, so pretty regularly I get the 5 beeps which drives the wife nuts.

                I think that is the last hurdle....

                I agree, so far $$ well spent thus far getting this thing working. I appreciate the help Matt!

                I guess I should ask... What part of upstate NY are you from? I'm from the Binghamton area....


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                  I found this while searching. Making sure you remove all numbers.

                  " when you get to SYSTEM PROGRAMMING, hit "01000". This will bring you to the phone number. Hit the "D" key to delete it. Hit the "#" key to save this entry. Then hit the "*" key. You will then be at "CS Phone 1". Now hit "01010". This brings you to another phone number. If there is a number programmed there, hit the "D" key to delete it and hit the "#" key to save. Hit the "*" key repeatedly until the keypad reads "SYSTEM PROGRAMMING. Then hit the "A" key. You are not at EXIT PROGRAMMING. Hit "#"...You're out.... "

                  Im from Poughkeepsie. Worked for a large computer company for 27 years and transitioned to a new semiconductor company.

                  Watch changing those bats. I had bad sensors on bat changes. Bad batch of caps on the sensors. Ymmv



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                    Thanks Matt, I've found those instruction as well and like I said I cleared them out. I'll check into either setting up a loop back or some other option to disable it.


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                      I believe all the mysteries have been solved. On the one trouble alert in my earlier post; I was correct. I replaced the battery in both window sensors and the alert cleared. I'm still tinkering with the software and now that I know this will work I need to decided how I want to move forward. I'll run the trial software for a bit and I may rip it out and give the RPI3 setup a go as that would be my preferred setup.

                      So to anyone else out there with the same setup as I ( or close to it ) . In 2016 the unit is still usable and the Homeseer software is a fantastic add-on.

                      Thank you Kerat and Mattm55 for participating!!


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                        That's great to hear. That's what were looking for. A team effort got us this far with vasrc running code lead to testers to piperpilot letting us take over the HS2 code.

                        We all learn as users try and adapt the pi.

                        Any questions, just ask.

                        Thanks Matt
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