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RPi3 & AM vis RS232

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    RPi3 & AM vis RS232

    I have HS3 full installed on my RPi3 w/ the plugin installed successfully; however, I am not able to communicate w/ the panel.

    Comm Port Initialized. NOT Connected to Concord Panel

    The lights on the AM are solid green, flashing red and slow blinking red (RS232) but I can't seem to communicate. I am guessing it is a voltage issue. I have a RS232 shield and I am waiting for a USB to RS232 cable to arrive to try separately. I read a lot of threads on here about using the RPi but not the details of the connection.

    Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated. I am excited about the prospect of integrating my alarm system.


    So it turns out it was a combination of the cable and sequencing. Once I used the usb -> rs232 directly and set to start w/ HS selected and a reboot of all it fired up and connected. All is working. Now to learn the events.

    For reference here is the cable I used:

    No driver was necessary but it is a cp2102 USB to UART bridge.