The concord 4 plug-in is working like a champ and I've been able to tie-in arming the system with my Amazon echo as well as several other features I have thoroughly enjoyed. I am now moving on to HSTouch interfaces to use on the touchscreens I have around the house. In a nut shell, I'm looking to make a digital keypad for the alarm panel using HSTouch. I've got dynamic elements and things functioning which update the HSTouch display appropriately, but there is no element to reference the actual panel display. The plugin has a "Control" screen which shows a virtual keypad with the current display, so I think I can say with certainty that the plugin is receiving the live feed of keypads.

How do I make a devise whose status will be whatever is displayed on the Concord 4 keypad? With that device, I can then accomplish whatever else I need.

Or, is there another way to get that feed?