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  • Concord Automation Module Connections

    While I have no issues with my Digi Edgeport 4 Serial > USB connection from the Automation module, I thought it was time to try something different. I want to be able to move to a Serial > LAN connection. I think it will help testing changes to the PI for a HS4 version on another system instead of the "live" server.

    I just grabbed one of these off AMZ and was wondering what others are using for the Serial (AM) to HS Server?
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    Interesting but a bit pricey. Using a Raspberry Pi 3+ with an FTDI chipset serial to USB cable. All housed in the Concord 4 panel and powered from the 12v battery via a 12v to 5v buck. That setup covers the UPS side of the setup? I've enough boxes on the system now so wouldn't find any great need to add another.


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      Yes, I always forget about RPi and running HS off there as well. I do the same to monitor my house generator. That's a pretty cheap solution. I've actually steered away from RPi 4 for heat reasons but have one ready to go (with fans).

      I went with the new solution to be able to have the panel and server located in a different areas and to be able to swap connections while I test while coding and not using my prod system.

      The Digi Edgeport has been flawless for me. Just was wondering what others used.

      Thanks, Matt


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        for that price you could get a 4 port. I have one of these in a box somewhere... never used it yet.. will in next house.

        $99 free shipping
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          Yes, that looks like another solution for Serial/LAN. The problem sometimes is the chipset used could be problematic with Windows drivers. I have great luck with my old Edgeport 4 in 1 Serial to USB. I think I have another model that I never tested and this new one for Serial/LAN. So far so good.

          I missed the PI completely although I have a PI monitoring my gen thru Serial direct connected to the Pi and then sending thru Wifi/LAN. Woops.