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New errors after upgrading HS3

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  • New errors after upgrading HS3

    After upgrading to HS3 .147 I am seeing a lot of these errors in the log:

    CONCORD Error Error in PluginProc: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: source
    I am still on 3.1.10, do I have to upgrade to .11 or has anyone else seen these errors and could give me an idea of what may be causing them?

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    I am on "HS3 Pro Edition (Windows)" and using the .11 version and haven't seen those issues. I would update to .11 first and then restart HS.

    I can only imagine that with the update, they may have changed something that's causing this? I'll have to take a look after upgrading and see what the RC is...

    EDIT #1: It looks like the current version of HS3 is .97? Where did you get .147 from and if it's a beta, well, that might be an issue?

    EDIT #2: That looks like a beta version. Using a beta version and trying to fix errors with plugins is like trying to hit a moving target. Once it's released and we get errors, that's when we'll (or I'll) work out the bugs. I'm not sure if Vasc agrees but that's my $.02

    Thanks, Matt
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      That is a fair statement Matt, it probably is something with HS. I am looking at my backups to see about rolling back as this latest beta version is simply unusable.


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        I also don't want "us" to be surprised with errors when we do get the update released so I appreciate the info.