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Plugin and AM non-connectivity

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    Plugin and AM non-connectivity

    I have purchased a HS hometroller S3 and downloaded the plugin, have 2 keypads, a cellular communicator, and the AM for the concord 4. I tried a serial cable initially and only got it to connect once to the AM. I then bought a serial to usb adapter. This is what I have now:

    Disconnect Concord Panel
    Comm Port Initialized. NOT Connected to Concord Panel

    I don't know what else to do. My panel is not complaining about the AM so it has some communication with the plugin and the AM to the panel, but it has yet to poll all my zones and user info.

    One of the main reasons for getting this setup was to change my provider and do my automation myself. If I don't get this running soon, I am going to give up and return the lot.
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    figured it out

    I had accidentally deleted the AM when I was troubleshooting other bus devices. If you do this, you can go to an empty slot on the bus devices under system programming while in installer mode.

    There a serial number with each device that which is printed on a small sticker. I re-keyed the serial number and voila, the AM came back to life and started talking with the plugin


      Did you install the AM yourself. If so, you should have the install manual that came with it. Also do you have the Concord 4 Installer manual. Here’s the Concord 4 installer manual Here’s the AM install manual

      These will show you all you need to know about registering and deregistering the AM on the panel.

      How many other items have you connected on the Bus. Usually keypad, phone/voice dialler etc.

      Confirm this from the control panel System Programming>Accessory Modules>Bus Devices. Press A or B on the keypad to navigate through the Bus devices. Identify the module you want to delete and press D to delete. All these instructions are on page 73 of the Concord 4 installer manual on the link I included. Make sure you check this first !!!!!!!!

      If you don’t make any further progress with this I’ll step you through it tomorrow at some stage.