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Concord 4 plugin-which version of HS will run with it

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  • Concord 4 plugin-which version of HS will run with it

    I've just installed a trial version of HS3 on an old stripped down PC running XP. Reason I'm doing this is I haven't owned a Windows based PC since XP was discontinued. With the help of this forum the Concord 4 panel is working just fine with it. What I really want to achieve now is having HS3 with the Concord 4 plugin running on a Raspberry PI.

    I've done quite a bit of searching here but I'm still a little unsure if this is possible. My preferences here are as follows:

    1) A Raspberry PI image including the Concord 4 plug in I can image onto an SD card.

    2) A full desktop version of Linux, Raspbian for example, and HS3 installed from the desktop.

    Basically I need to know what is possible before my 30 day trial expires and I need to purchase the HS3 software. I really would prefer to go the Linux route at this stage if HS3/Raspberry PI runs successfully this way.

    I must say the Homeseer/Concord plugin combination has breathed new life into my Concord 4 panel.