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Stay No-Delay not working

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  • Stay No-Delay not working

    I am a new HomeSeer user migrating from Vera. I hooked up the Concord 4 automation module over serial using an GC iTach IP2SL and the connection works fine.

    I have my user code set and can arm and disarm the partition, but the plugin is not honoring the "No Delay" option. Every time I try to arm it arms normally.

    The Silent option appears to be working, but is also using that option for Disarm and not just Arm Stay.

    Not sure where else I should look

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    Pretty sure cant be done; having same problem.


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      That's a bit annoying. We use Stay No Delay at night to ensure that anyone opening a door or window (even a normally defined entrance door) sets off the alarm immediately.

      I think your case is a bit different. You need Away armed but the panel needs to respect it and not revert back to stay if you don't exit. This is programmed into the panel itself and would need whatever company servicing the panel to change it (or possibly you could do it yourself with the toolbox).


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        Send me a PM with your email and I'll give you a link to a new version that should address that.