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  • Connect following restart

    From time to time I need to restart the PC running HomeSeer. Occaisionally it restarts by itself!
    The Cytech Comfort plugin is not automatically reconnecting to the panel following a restart. I find this an issue becasue either I forget to load up HS and reconnect or it follows an unexpected restart.
    Is there a way to make the plugin connect automatically on startup?

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    On my production system connected with USB as well as my development system using network connection everytime i restart HS comfort plugin automatically reconnects. So unfortunately i'm not able to reproduce..


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      Hmmm - I am on an ethernet connection.
      I have just done a restart on HS, not the PC just HS and get the following in the log.
      Mar-07 17:59:02 Cytech Comfort Error Could not connect to Comfort panel
      ar-07 17:59:26 Cytech Comfort Error Comfort panel is not responding to requests
      Then this;
      Mar-07 17:59:34 Cytech Comfort Comfort Firmware Version: 7.142
      Mar-07 17:59:34 Cytech Comfort Connection to Comfort panel has been restored after 3 attempts
      However if I restart the PC then it never connects and I have to do it manually.


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        Ok so it connects when restarting HS, but not when restarting PC. What method do you use to automatically start HS on reboot? I think you need to insert a delay to make sure your network is started before the plugin tries to connect.


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          I have HS running as a service, created by NSSM. I will try it with a dealyed start.


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            I did a little reading about delayed starts for services. I have delayed some other services but left HS as Automatic with no delay. My first test and it started correctly, connecting to the panel. It looks as though you have pin-pointed the issue. Thank you.