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Some Zones not Reporting properly

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    Some Zones not Reporting properly

    I am running the HomeSeer DSC Security plugin v3.0.0.56 and some of the zones have a different icon and are not reporting being open or closed. (see pic below) Is there a fix for this I search this forum but could not find anything related and dread having to re-import and rename everything again.
    The green icons are working fine but the one's the look like the Status icon do not report or log anything.
    BTW this behavior was the same in HS3 & 4

    Click image for larger version

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    FYI I went into Partion-1 and selected Status Request from the drop down all of the zones now have the same icon but none of the dead ones started reporting. They do work at the panel and set off alarm when armed
    Click image for larger version

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      After banging my head against the wall by deleting/recreating HSDSC then also trying the BLDSC plugins, with same problem things were pointing to the PC1864. Turns out some of my zones were never assigned to a partition with the PC5108 expansion board. You have to enable these zones and assign them to a partition in order for them to report. in my case I have 16 hard wired zones so had to enter:
      *8-installerCode-202 then press keys 1-8 to enable and assign zones 9-16 to partition 1.
      There are some great tutorials here

      and App note here

      Hope this helps someone in the future