A very alarming condition. The system showed ready both on the panel and on HomeSeer, however the plug in showed the garage door zone as an open zone. I plan to use the open garage door as condition for closing the garage door. I have programmed a key command that closes open garage doors. In this case, I would have opened my garage door. I will look at the logs to see what I can see. This was discovered by a light not turning on when a motion sensor was opened. The sensor showed motion and the green ready light on the panel turned off and the plug in showed not ready due to the motion. The light programmed to turn on did not activate. The plugin ready indication seemed to match the alarm panel indicating that the plug in was communicating.

To resolve the issue I disabled the plugin which took a few minutes and enabled it. At that point all started working correctly. Garage door and motion sensor now works correctly.

I think that a check should be done that will indicate an error if the plugin response from Envisalink shows ready and the plug in thinks there are open zones.