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Ademco 128p needs 3-digit zone numbers; trouble disarming P2

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  • Ademco 128p needs 3-digit zone numbers; trouble disarming P2

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    I don't think you are missing anything very few people are using more than 1 partition, and the 128p is not the most used panel either, so there may be bugs...

    1. There is a bug in the plugin that makes the command that you see in the logs different from what is actually sent to the system. I fixed that in the version attached.
    However that does not explain why the Disarm doesn't work.
    Does arming partition 2 works?

    2. In the version attached I made a change so that the plugin use 3 digits number if the number of zones is > 99 in the Config page.

    Please install the version attached and post some debug logs for the remaining problems
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      Testing of updated plugin


      Thanks for the fast response!

      There's good news on the 3 digit zone# problem, but there are still issues with addressing partitions.

      I've documented my testing in the attached.

      Let me know if you have questions.
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        thanks for the detailed testing report!

        regarding the 3 digits zones, I think I will add a dropdown list in the config page, to choose the panel model (15p, 20p, 128p, etc...)

        for partition 2 problems, I asked my contact at eyezon and he told me to make sure the partitions are correctly setup in the local web page.
        Have you followed this guide:

        did you make sure the keypad address you used for partition 2 is not already used by an existing physical keypad?

        can you arm partition 2 from the local web page? from eyez-on portal?


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          Gathering more data

          Hi, Spud - thanks!
          I'm looking more closely at a couple of issues; I've built a spreadsheet to parse a couple of the relevant TPI returns from the debug logs. When that's done, I'll zip you a package, including answers to your questions above.



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            in the version attached ( I have added a field on the config page to select your panel model, so no need anymore to set the number of zones > 99

            I have also added to this version a "Send EnvisaLink ASCII command" action that let you send raw commands as defined in the TPI.

            Could you use this action to try to change the default partition to 2 and then send the arm stay command:

            Send EnvisaLink ASCII command: ^1,2$
            Send Keystroke String: 99993

            Does this work?
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              I'm sending you test results and my thinking on the issues (which seem to be in line with what you've already done). So you don't have to read the attached term paper until I've installed the new version and tested!


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                  Successful method for arm/disarm other partitions

                  Spud, you may already realize the implications of global arm privileges at both the user and device level. In any event, here's a method that handles partition arming:

                  1. Set up a user code that has open/close and global arm/disarm privileges for all partitions. In my testing, the code ("1234" in the examples) was also a Master code; I'm not sure if that's required.

                  2. Global Arm/Disarm should also be enabled on the virtual keypad(s).

                  3. Issue a keystring that looks like this:
                  cccc A ppp... *
                  cccc is a valid code with global arm privileges to at least 2 partitions,
                  A is an action (1 = disarm, 2 = arm stay, 3 = arm away...)
                  ppp is a string of partitions to which the command applies (#'s) and
                  * terminates the partition list.
                  for example
                  12341123* will disarm p1, p2, and p3
                  123432* will stay arm p2 only

                  This works in both the HS3 plugin (using "send keys") and in the similar command in the Eyez-On portal. Note that it only works in Eyez-on when issued from the virtual keypad for Partition 1.

                  I have not yet come up with a way to bypass zones that are in a partition other than P1... there may be some special user code methodology - Mark's plug-in requires a unique user ID for each partition, that has access to only that partition. I've tried that (via the Eyez-on portal) but still can't bypass a zone in P2. I'll try different user and virtual keypad options...


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                    Could you pm me your email I would like to CC you in my answer to the eyez-on dev.

                    As far as I know the EVL4 local web interface and eyez-on portal do not use the TPI at all.