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  • Zwave Door Contact

    I apologize if this has been covered before. I am coming off an OmniPro so I am totally new to Envisalink.
    I have a new construction going on with a Vista panel installed and Envisalink (with plug in).
    Anyway, it looks like one of the wired window sensors was probably damaged during construction. The wire sits in an spray insulated wall so any chance of fixing it (house is almost ready to move in) is cost prohibitive.
    So my question is, can a zwave window sensor be installed and act (through the plug in) like just like a wired sensor (fro example, if the window is opened with the panel armed, the alarm goes off)?
    Would it be better to skip Zwave and install a Vista native wireless window sensor (this will require changing the keypad to the model that accepts wireless components)?

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    Unfortunately a new wired or wireless sensor interfaced directly with the Vista panel is required. The plugin simulates a keypad so you can think of its capabilities in those terms (monitoring, keystrokes, etc.). It cannot pass sensor data to the panel.

    edit: To be more clear, the Envisalink card simulates a keypad, and the plugin allows HS3 to interface with the Envisalink.


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      Good explanation of what the Envisalink does. Makes sense.
      I guess I have no choice but to use a Vista wireless sensor.
      BTW, love San Antonio!