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EnvisaLink Ademco Plug-in - User Guide

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  • EnvisaLink Ademco Plug-in - User Guide


    System Requirements:

    The EnvisaLink Ademco Plug-in is designed to control your Ademco Security System using the EnvisaLink interface: Both EVL3 and EVL4 are supported.
    It supports Vista Panels (Vista20P, 21P, 15P, 10P, 128P, and 250P)
    This plugin is for HS3/HS3PRO. It works with both Windows and Linux versions.

    Plugin Installation:
    Download and install from the updater (Security plug-ins section) or download package from the Beta Testing thread and follow instructions to install.

    Plugin Configuration
    - Start the plugin from the "PLUG-INS > Manage" page
    - Go to the config page "PLUG-INS > EnvisaLinkAdemco > Config"

    Click image for larger version

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    Chosse your Inteface Type (EVL3 or EVL4), set the IP Address of your EnvisaLink interface as well as the Password which is the same password than the one used to log into the Envisalink's local web page. It's 6 characters max for EVL3, and 10 characters max for EVL4, and the default one is "user".

    Set the model of your panel, your number of partitions and zones and your security code.

    In the Zones section, you can rename and change the type of each zone. When "Update zone devices" is clicked all zone devices will be renamed accordingly and status text and icons corresponding to their types will be assigned.

    Optionnally, in the User Settings section, assign one or several Ademco User Ids to HS users. To create new HS users go to "Tools > Setup > Network tab". To assign more than one Ademco User Ids to one HS User, separate the ids with dashes.

    If you tick the "Log to File" checkbox, logs will be written to Logs/EnvisaLinkAdemco.txt, and you will be able to choose a specific log level for the file. The first "Log Level" setting is for the logs written to the HS logs database. To troubleshoot any problem I would recommend to set at least one of these log level to Debug to be able to see all the messages sent by the panel.
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    If everything is ok, the plug-in will create one root device, one "User Access" device and one "Partition" device per partition, as well as one device per zone. Then the plugin will connect to your EnvisaLink interface, it will start listening for messages from your panel, and it will update your devices status accordingly.

    Click image for larger version

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    Event Actions:
    You can configure Event to perform some actions on your security panel.
    Here is the current list of possible actions:
    • "Partition Arm Away"
    • "Partition Arm Stay"
    • "Partition Arm Night-Stay"
    • "Partition Arm Instant"
    • "Partition Arm Maximum"
    • "Partition Disarm"
    • "Send Keystroke String"
    • "Send EnvisaLink ASCII Command"

    "Send Keystroke String" sends a command as you would do it from a keypad, whereas "Send EnvisaLink ASCII Command" expects an ASCII command formatted accordingly to the API, this is used only for troubleshooting purpose.

    You can also use the devices with a "Control a Device" action to perform actions from events. For example you can bypass a zone from an event like on the screenshot below:

    Click image for larger version

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    Event Triggers:

    You can trigger some events based on device status changes. For example the event below send an email every time the partition status change to "In Alarm"

    Click image for larger version

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    By default any status change for a Zone or a Partition device is logged at the Info level.:
    EnvisaLinkAdemco     INFO Partition 1 status change: Ready
    EnvisaLinkAdemco     INFO Zone 3 status change: Closed
    however you can disable these log entries at the device level: from the device management page, click on the device you want to change, go to the EnvisaLinkAdemco tab, then tick the "Do not log status change" checkbox like on the screenshot below:

    Click image for larger version

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