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How to use Disarm as one of the device conditiion

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  • How to use Disarm as one of the device conditiion

    I would like to create an event when I return home and disarm my alarm system. The plug in does not have a value of Disarm. Is there a plan to add this option from the selection? If not then what is the best work around.

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    No information? How about a device value for "Disarm"? I would like to get my event programming going. I need this disarm condition in order for my event to work.



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      sorry for the delay

      there is no device value for disarm because disarm is more an action than a partition state.

      what you could do is create a virtual device with two values Armed and Disarmed. then you create 2 events: one that set this virtual device to Armed when the partition device changes to one of the Armed state, and another event that set it to Disarmed when the partition device changes to a non-Armed state.

      then you should be able to use this virtual device to trigger events when its status is changed to "Disarmed"


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        Thank for the suggestion. I am still learning HS system. Can you further explain how to setup an event to turn the virtual device to disarm state. You mentioned about non arm mode, but I still don't get how to do it from the HS3 GUI event interface.


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          Here is how I would do it: from the device management page create a virtual device by clicking on the '+' button, then name it to what you want and go to the "Status graphics" tab and create 2 status Armed and Disarmed like on the screenshot below

          Click image for larger version

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          then create 2 events to set this device status accordingly to the partition status:

          Click image for larger version

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          hope this helps