For a level set I can see the link4 from the eyez-on website and see the four zones triggering status on the device, in HS and also at Eyez-on. No errors in connection to the link4 from the plugin. The access code is my own and I can use the keypad to set the alarm/chime/etc with that code.

My problem is that while any changes on the keypad are immediately reflected in the plugin/HS I cannot control my system from HS through the link4. Likely related is that I cannot control it from eyesz-on either. For example if I tell it to turn on/off the chime using my code from their site nothing happens on my system.

I see the plugin trying to change the doe when I manually select it yet that change isn't reflected in the alarm panel. I have verified solid contact with the four wire and the link4 is showing all green for its LEDs. I intend to reverify after I send this post.

Thoughts? Directions I should go for troubleshooting? I intend to call Eyez-on Tuesday for their thoughts also.