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Disarm Events based on who disarmed

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  • Disarm Events based on who disarmed

    What trigger would I use in an event that would trigger based on who disarmed the alarm?

    I have a few users set up under the "User Settings" within the plugin and would like to create different events based on which user disarms the alarm. I can see that the User Access child device includes the users name, however when I use that device in an event it only allows me to input a number. Do I just need to use the user number from the "User Settings"?

    Spud, is it possible to create a new trigger that would pull the users created under the User Settings into the User Access child device so that in the event creation we can select it from a pull down for the User Access device?

    Thanks for any help you can provide on this!
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    Yes you can use the user number because the user access device's value is set to the user id. The problem is that if you use the trigger "device changes and become x", without any other condition it will trigger when the user arm and disarm the system. If you want to trigger only when a user disarm the system you would need to add an additional condition.

    An easier way to do what you want would be to use the EasyTrigger: This device's string changes and becomes "Disarmed by spud"