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Triggering on Fire Alarm Sounding

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  • Triggering on Fire Alarm Sounding

    Hello folks
    I have a wireless DSC smoke detector on one of my zones (wireless fire zone) and experienced an "unscheduled smoke test" this weekend (thanks to my cooking skills ). As expected, the local siren on the alarm itself sounded, as well as the main alarm siren.
    Here is the problem: I have an event that is supposed to alert me (via a Pushover message) when the panel is in alarm; however, this event did not fire. To be specific, the event triggers on "Envisalink Receives Message: Partition In Alarm, Partition = _Partition 1".

    Is there a different event that I need to trigger on to catch when the fire alarm is sounding?

    One thing I realize as I write this: a while back, I had changed the name of the partition device from "Partition 1" to "_Partition 1", could this be related?
    In the device setup screen, the device address is still listed as "Partition 1".
    My assumption is that the device name is cosmetic, but I though I'd point it out just in case.

    the log only shows only two events related to this incident:
    7:18 AM INFO Smoke Detector 2nd Floor status change: Opened
    7:20 AM INFO Smoke Detector 2nd Floor status change: Closed

    Any thoughts would be appreciated

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    yeah the device name is cosmetic, I don't think it is related to your problem.

    Could you set the log level to Debug, and try to test your smoke detector again. Then you will be able to see what messages the plugin is actually receiving.


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      Thanks, I'll do that and let you know. FWIW, I had a look at the event logs on my alarm panel (using DLS 5) and there are absolutely no triggering events in that timeframe, so it even looks like the panel itself didn't trigger an alarm condition, despite the alarm siren sounding.

      While I was in DLS, I double-checked the zone definition for the fire zone, and see that it was set to "87 Delayed 24 Hour Fire (Wireless)". I try changing it to "88 Standard 24 Hour Fire (Wireless)" and see if that makes a difference. My understanding is that the Delayed zone just adds a delay before dialing out to a monitoring station.